Taking Control

What the project is about

  • Increasing opportunities for people with aphasia to take part in self management programmes.
  • Increasing opportunities for people with a communication disability to deliver self management programmes.
  • Helping other service providers to work with and include people with communication disability in self management activities.

What the project is doing

  • Reviewing the meaning of self management for people who live with a communication disability.
  • Analysing current group activities at Connect and look at ways to enhance self management themes.
  • Working with other people who deliver self management programmes and exploring ways to make these programmes more accessible for people with a communication disability.
  • Recruiting and training peiople with a communication disability to lead or co-facilitate self management activities.

Who is working on the project?

  • Carole Pound, Marian Jennings, Tom Penman, Alan Hewitt and Harry Clarke from Connect.
  • We will also draw on the ideas and experiences of facilitators and participants in the Expert Patient Programme and other self management groups we will run at Connect.

Who is funding the project?

The project is part funded by a Department of Health Section 64 grant.