Developing a way of measuring quality of life for people with aphasia

What the project was about

The project was about the quality of life of people with aphasia. It looked at two main questions:

  • Is it possible to develop a good (but brief) measure to assess quality of life?
  • What affects people's quality of life?

What the project found out

  • The project team developed a measure that researchers and other people can use to assess quality of life in people with aphasia. It is called SAQOL-39.
  • Depression, communication disability, reduced participation in life and poor health affect people's quality of life.

Who worked on the project?

  • Katerina Hilari from City University and Sally Byng at Connect.
  • Advised by Donna Lamping and Sarah Smith from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Dick Wiggins from City University.
  • People with aphasia evaluated the measure and answered questionnaires about their quality of life.

Who funded the project?

The Stroke Association and the Dunhill Medical Trust (1999-2002).