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The Communication Disability Profile

This project was about developing a new way of investigating the impact of aphasia on someone's life. The project led to the development of a tool (the CDP) that can be used to guide health and social care service providers when offering services to people who have aphasia. See more about the tool that was developed in our publications section.

Who is involved: Kate Swinburn (author), Sally Byng, Harry Clarke, Gwen Knight, John Wharton (advisors) and Caroline Firenza (illustrator)

For further information about this project contact: [email protected]

Publications arising from the research

Swinburn, K. and Byng, S. The Communication Disability Profile. Connect Press

Swinburn C.A. (2003) PhD Evolution of the concepts and methods associated with exploring and measuring the impact of aphasia. City University.  London

This research was funded by: The Kings Fund and the PPP Foundation

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