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Shopping List

What difference your £ can make

  • £1 – could pay for refreshments for a person with aphasia coming to the Connect London Centre to participate in a Conversation Group, making them feel welcome and included.
  • £10 – could pay for a flipchart and pens used to make meetings and groups more communicatively accessible to people with aphasia.
  • £50 – could help to meet the travel costs of Connect staff delivering an external training course to key stroke service providers, such as nurses and speech and language therapists.
  • £125 – could pay for 2 people with aphasia to attend a Connect for a Day information and networking road-show event, reducing isolation and social exclusion.
  • £300 – could pay for 1 person with aphasia to attend 3 x 2 hour counselling sessions - delivered by a trained peer counsellor with aphasia who truly understands the frustration, depression and anxiety that aphasia can bring.
  • £500 – could pay for up to 5 people with aphasia to attend an Introduction to Connect Day and an Enrolment Day, giving them the opportunity to learn more about Connect, meet other people with aphasia and sign up to participate in projects designed to help them live with aphasia in the long-term. 
  • £1,000 - could pay for a video camcorder and a laptop for use by therapy staff when monitoring the progress that people with aphasia will make when they come to Connect.
  • £5,000 – could pay for us to run a Music Group for people with aphasia for 10 weeks.

Please make an online donation using your credit or debit card now.

'Coming to Connect.  For me it was the day when I began to get better...

Sue Guy, Connect Trustee