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Support for relatives

Are you a relative or a carer of someone with aphasia?

Are you feeling alone and in need of support?

Would you like to talk to a carer who is in your situation and understands?

We have some trained carer befrienders who have been through it all just like you. Come and meet one of our befrienders at our London Centre for support and friendly advice from someone who understands.

This support is relaxed and informal - it's not counselling or therapy, just a way for you to 'offload' and share experiences. Don't keep it all to yourself - why not give it a go?

If you would like to be put in touch with a carer befriender contact Alex Stirling, tel.  020 7367 0863. 0r email [email protected]

You may also be interested in our booklet Caring and Coping

Margaret Hussey is one of our carer befrienders