what do we offer?

Counselling service
Long-term support
Conversation Partner Outreach Project
Family Support Service

Connect offers long term, flexible therapy in groups.

Our therapy activities aim to develop communication skills and explore helpful ways of living with communication disability.

We have a wide range of groups and therapy programmes which people can choose from:
stress management, everyday writing skills, using computers and the internet, conversation skills, developing confidence, training other people to be better communication partners, using drawing and gesture, getting information, campaigning, and many more.

Our support groups provide opportunities to meet with others, socialise and discuss important issues.

We also have a free counselling service for people with communication disability and their relatives. Our counsellors, Harry and Sue, both have personal experience of stroke and communication disability.
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We offer long-term support to people after therapy finishes.
More about long-term support

Conversation Partner Outreach Project
For people unable to access the London Centre, we offer an outreach service called the Conversation Partner Outreach Project. This project aims to provide opportunities for conversation and to reduce isolation for people with aphasia in their own communities. The project involves trained volunteer conversation partners in providing these opportunities.

Family Support Service
At Connect we are aware that aphasia affects not only the person with this communication disability, but that person's wider circle of family and friends too. We now have on our team a Family Support Co-ordinator, Gwen Knight, whose main concern is to provide practical and emotional support to relatives and friends, where it is needed.

Our Family Support Service offers an opportunity to meet others with similar difficulties, to share experiences and ideas, to obtain practical information and, perhaps most importantly to recognize that you are not alone. We provide a wide range of services, including relatives' groups, counselling, social events and information and study days. We are constantly developing our service in response to what family and friends want.



You can find out more about therapy and support in the section about Connect's London Centre.

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