Conversation Partner Outreach Project

This project aims to provide opportunities for conversation and reduce isolation for people with aphasia in their own communities. The project involves trained volunteer conversation partners in providing these opportunities.

The Project

We recruit volunteers as conversation partners to:

  •  Befriend and facilitate conversations with people with aphasia
  •  Enable participation in local communities by supporting people with aphasia in accessing and using local resources

All volunteers will have completed a Connect training programme, consisting of:

  •  Disability awareness training
  •  Conversation partner skills training

How might people benefit?

  •  Reduced social isolation for a number of people with aphasia
  •  Increased access for people with aphasia to local resources
  •  Raised awareness amongst service providers of the access needs of people with aphasia
  •  New ideas for providers of speech and language therapy services about models of service provision which meet some of the long term needs of people with aphasia

For further information about the project, or if you are interested in being referred to the project, please contact Sally McVicker, Project Co-ordinator.

email [email protected]
Phone 0207 367 0862 / 0840

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Amanda Walker.

email [email protected]
Phone 0207 367 0866

Please click here for further information about volunteering at Connect.


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