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Training healthcare workers

The best people to train health and social care workers about how to communicate with people with aphasia are experts - people with aphasia themselves!

People with aphasia can become 'Training together trainers'. Their role is to give feedback to health and social care staff about how to improve communication and make services more accessible. In our training courses, delegates take part in 'real-life' conversations with people with aphasia who give constructive feedback about their communication skills.

To become a 'Training together' trainer, please contact  Sally McVicker. Telephone 020 7367 0840.

Jim's story

Jim Leith has aphasia and very few spoken words, but communicates through drawings, facial expressions and by writing key words.

Jim feels a sense of pride when training and likes meeting new people. One nursing home that he visited as a trainer was impressed with his positive outlook and confidence as a trainer. Jim was invited back to assist with their in-house training of over three hundred staff.